This video is a first in our new Series “Vocal Booth to go – Solutions” Or is it “Vocal Booth Solutions To Go”? Whichever it is it is time to go on: In this series we will post Q and A videos to answer most popular questions. In particular these questions: 1. Do I have to use Glue to assemble PVC vocal Booth Frame? 2. if I glue the frame, can I disassembled PVC vocal booth frame to use it as portable booth? 3. If I glue the frame – can I take it apart?

The answers are: No, No and NO. Here is why:

PVC Vocal Booth Frame: Glue or not to glue? That is the question!

Another question: How can I measure the fitted roof for my frame? Use the ruler. Use inches. And measure on the OUTSIDE of the frame. We add an inch or two to the dimensions to achieve some loose fit, especially that the roof needs to fit over blankets. So, your fitted roof will be a little bigger than the dimensions you had provided, but this is OK. Bigger is better.

Direct link to the precut PVC vocal booth frames options:

Direct link to Fitted roof:

If you want a vocal booth with foldable frame we recommend the AVB series booths:

Works with 80 x 80 or 80 x 96 inch acoustic blankets producer’s choice:

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