PVC Vocal Booth Kit. COMPLETE Set.


Here we offer a COMPLETE PVC vocal booth kit, that includes all parts that you need to build, acoustically treat and equip your PVC  Vocal Booth in your home recording Studio.

Vocal booths made with Acoustic sound blankets Producer’s choice and PVC frames is a popular DIY solution of inexpensive yet efficient acoustic room treatment.

We offer most popular sizes:  38 x 38 inches, 38 x 58 inches, 58 x 58 inches and 58 x 78 inches.  Height- 80 Inches.

if you do not find what you are looking for, please use this custom PVC frame calculator to design the size you need:

Custom PVC Vocal Booth Frame parts calculator.

Please read full description below for more information  and link to instructions.






Pick components to create your own Complete PVC vocal booth.  

For your convenience we grouped the essentials for a PVC vocal booth all in one place, so you do not have to wander around the site in search of the components you need.

To make your own PVC vocal booth for voice over recording or to inexpensively make a home recording studio for any audio recording we put together the essential products that you most likely would need:

  1. Precut PVC vocal booth frame in most popular sizes:   38″ x 38″, 38″ x 58″, 58″ x 58″ and 58″ x 78″. The height is 80 inches for all of them. The frame includes all PVC poles and connectors to build a vocal booth frame of the size you selected.  (In our Precut PVC frame Kits we use 1” Schedule 40 PVC pipes and furniture grade PVC connectors)
  2. Acoustic blankets Producer’s choice (model SB-VG), with grommets and Velcro tie ups, specially designed to hang on the PVC frame;  These blankets is what allow you to get clear sounding recording, because they absorb the echo and reflections in your room.
  3. Fitted roof made out of acoustic Sound absorption blankets to prevent reflections from the ceiling. The roof designed to loosely with the frame of selected size with approximately 8 inches skirting along the perimeter. ( skirting is a portion of a blanket vertically stitched to the roof, to seal the corners and overlap the top of he vocal booth walls. it also keeps the roof on top of the frame
  4. LED light.  Of course you will need a light for your booth!. The LED light that we suggest is a natural white 500 lumen light with 6 feet long cord plus additional 3 feet long cord for the adaptor.  LED light is a must for Audio recording in a vocal booth, because it creates no noise and produces very negligible amount of heat.  It also saves a lot of energy!
  5. Fan with Fan speed controller.  Acoustically isolated enclosures tend to get hot, so proper ventilation is important. Our vocal booth ventilation fan delivers a lot of air, yet it is super quiet!  In addition we offer a fan speed controller. use it to reduce the fan of the speed and it will reduce the fan sound even more to practically indiscernible.

NOTE: To reduce shipping Volume and avoid oversize charges, we cut the long vertical poles in half and included couplings to join the pieces together.

For the same reason the cross bars are not included, but we do supply the  4-way Connectors for the top frame portion so you can add the Cross bars on your own.   Why do you need cross bars? First of all the cross bars help to support the roof blanket and tie up the top of the frame together adding more stability to the whole structure.  (For smaller frames, like 38″ x 38″ ,  the cross bars are not critical and you can do without them.)

If you need custom size frame – see below about our Custom PVC vocal booth frame calculator

Kits do not include PVC Glue.  We strongly recommend that the PVC pipe frame parts be glued together, so it does not fall apart on you. PVC glue is readily available at your local hardware store. (You can try using it without gluing it, of course, but the chance of the frame collapsing on your head is high.)

ATTENTION: PVC kits are made to order.  Please allow 5-7 business days to cut the PVC kit.
If you had ordered expedited delivery it will take effect only AFTER the order is cut and ready to be shipped.

ALL PVC FRAMES ARE MADE TO ORDER. This is a custom made product. Not refundable. We accept NO Returns of PVC frames.

Not sure how many blankets you need? Use acoustic blanket calculators below:

How many Blankets do i need to cover the PVC vocal booth Frame? CALCULATOR


Assembly instructions are the same for frames of different size. Only  the length of  “L” and “W” inserts vary.

General Assembly instructions in writing:  How to assemble a PVC frame for vocal booth from VocalBoothToGo
( actual link:   https://vocalboothtogo.com/precut-pvc-vocal-booth-frame-kit-assembly-instructions-assembly-instructions/ )

Watch the Assembly videos here:





Use this calculator to figure out your own frame size, that you can do yourself or you can order from us:

(Click the link below🙂

Custom PVC Vocal Booth Frame parts calculator.


NOTES to the use of the PVC frame Calculator:

1) This calculator works well for booth frames from 37 x 37 to 78 x 78 inch size, which covers the most practical home studio size range.

if you need a frame larger than 78 x 78 inches , please consider adding additional vertical supports every 28 inches.

If you need the frame that is smaller, than 37  x 37 inches, you would need to cut the center piece a little shorter.

2) The DIY and the Precut kit parts are a little different, because for the DIY frames you do not need to cut vertical poles in half, so you will not need the couplings.   In the Precut PVC frame kit we have to cut the vertical poles, so you can avoid oversize shipping costs.

3) The price for the Custom Precut PVC kits only includes the PVC frame parts.  Other suggested parts such as Blankets and lights are NOT included and can be purchased separately.


Ever since 2020 the PVC pipes prices were rising every month and at the moment, they are more than 7 times higher than they were a year before.

In fact, the PVC frame is not a cheap alternative anymore as it used to be.

Since the price hike on the PVC pipes in 2021-2022, the prices came down a little, but not to the pre-pandemic level.The price below reflects the current market prices on PVC tubes and fittings.

We recommend purchasing the AVB series booths, which are a better and more mobile alternative.



38 x 38, 38 x 58, 58 x 58, 58 x 78


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