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This fan speed controller is designed to be used with our ventilation fans which come in 4 inch and 6 inch sizes depending on the size of your space and the amount of air you need to move. This controller will significantly lower the output of the fan, but also lower the noise floor as well. This unit goes between the power source and your fan assembly to enable you to adjust the amount of air passing through to your desired amount.

We measured the specs of the controller on our 6 inch fan assembly.

Here are the results.

With the speed at MAX, the dB measured 75 with a CFM of 204.
At the MED speed, the db was 57 with a CFM of 80.6.
When set at the LOW, the dB was 51 at 52.98 CFM.
At its lowest speed setting the dB was 48 with a CFM of 35.33.

Product Warranty: 1 Year.

Quiet Ventilation Fan with Muffler (6 Inch, 320 cbm/hr)

Weight 4 lbs


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