Audio Booth 5 = Acoustic Vocal Booth 5×5 (AVB5)


We call it Audio Booth because it allows you to record an accurate audio, just the way you intended it to be recorded. Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, (AVB5) is a portable walk-in audio recording studio that gives you an immediate acoustically treated room anywhere you set it up. The pop-up aluminum frame sets up in minutes. It is great for a single voice over actor to use for book narration etc. Booth is made out of Producer’s choice acoustic blanket material, 80% sound absorption ( NRC 0.8)  Noise dampening is approximately 10 dB.

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NOTE: Acoustic Vocal booths are NOT soundproof.

Please note: booths can take up to 5 business days to ship out.

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We call it Audio Booth because it allows you to record an accurate audio, just the way you intended it to be recorded. This Mobile Acoustic Vocal booth, 5×5, was designed to create a reverberation free acoustically treated environment for great audio recording. ACCU Booth 5 is our medium size walk-in vocal booth good for two actors working together or if you simply want a more spacious room. Made with Producers Choice sound blanket material (80% noise reduction) for echo-free audio recording. The booth will shield your microphone from echo and reverberations, reduce the outside noise somewhat around 10dB, and suppress humming noises. This equates to a 50% in overall perceived volume.

The lightweight aluminum pop-up frame requires no tools and opens up like a festival tent. The Producer’s Choice top and sides install on the frame with velcro.

It was successfully used for Virtual reality rooms and can be appreciated by Video game players. This will create for them a world of their own. This booth a great tool for anyone needing acoustic room treatment and creating a “dead” space for audio recording.

This mobile vocal booth measures 60 inches Long x 60 inches wide x 80 inches high (6’x5” at the lowest inside height and 7′ at the highest) and includes the metal frame, frame bag, carry bag, LED light with an adapter.

Perfect for any space in a home, apartment, garage or it can even be shipped to your hotel as a rental while traveling, doing voice over or music recordings. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. And can be easily transported by car, shipped by a common carrier, or stored in a closet when not in use.

Producer’s Choice blankets are made from an outer poly material and an 80/20 mix of 100% pure recycled cotton with added polyester for extra resiliency.

  • Lightweight aluminum pop-up metal frame
  • No tools required
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • 1 Fitted Producer’s Choice Roof Panel
  • 2 Producer’s Choice Wall Panels (one window)
  • 1 Producer’s Choice Back Panel
  • 1 Silent LED bar light included
  • Built in acoustic room treatment features Producer’s Choice sound blankets
  • Fits in a regular size car when disassembled
  • Can be shipped by a common carrier
  • 1 Blanket Carry/Storage bag
  • 1 Frame Carry/Storage bag

Specifications: One Piece Aluminum Pop-Up (no tools) Frame, Efficient Sound Absorption Producer’s Choice blankets (Outside – Black, inside – White), 1 Silent LED light


Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
AVB5 Black / White

AVB5 – Black / White


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