In this video we report preliminary results of testing Ventilation Sound silencer for our Vocal Booth To Go Mobile Sound Booth. Muffler was made out of Producer’s Choice sound blanket. it is light and flexible and it can be folded away for transportation or storage. When the fan was on, (250 CFM air speed) the noise level inside the booth was increased by about 5 Db, we believe due to the air itself rushing into the booth.
We think that reducing air speed of the fan and increasing opening for the air outlet inside the sound booth will reduce the air velocity and the noise level inside the sound booth. The other option we are going to try is redistributing the air flow, so it does not rush into the vocal booth in just one direction, but flows in separate directions. We expect this to improve the air exchange in the booth and reduce the noise level.
This is a work in progress. Any input is welcome.

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