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Soundproof-er Sound Booth SPB63 Assembly Instructions

NOTE: we have SPB sound booth in different sizes and the assembly of all of them is pretty similar. It is very important that you start assembly with assembling the door frame side. If you get that under control – everything else will be easy. These booths are a great

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Carry-On Vocal Booth Set-Up Video

Carry on Vocal Booth Prototype testing. Since then we imporved the design and our portable vocal booth is now can be set up within about 5 seconds! We also included a lot of additional accessories to make it an ultimate Vocal Booth for the road warrior. Thisi video was made

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SoundProof(er) sound booth Trumpet Practice room

Soundproof(er) Sound Booth – Trumpet Practice Room

Portable Soundproof(-er) sound booth SB33 is designed to be used in apartments, houses or any place where sound isolation is important. Design first with the voice over actors and audio recording producers in mind this booth works very well for music practice. In this video we tested it if it

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