Portable Soundproof(-er) sound booth SB33 is designed to be used in apartments, houses or any place where sound isolation is important. Design first with the voice over actors and audio recording producers in mind this booth works very well for music practice. In this video we tested it if it provides sufficient sound reductions to be used as a Practice room for playing Trumpet. This is a real customer. She wanted to make sure that the sound reduction would be sufficient to play her trumpet at home. She expected the sound level will be around or below 70 dB ( loudness of working TV at normal sound level). She played as loud as she could…..
Results were extremely exciting! She got the booth, I got the sale and HUGE portion of dopamine release, seeing that our product really works and delivers affordable and effective solutions. This booth is 40L x40W x 80H. Includes specially constructed Sound Block layer with sound dampening layer and plus acoustic blankets for completely dead and non-boomy acoustics.
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NOTE: We now have a new model of SPB33 which is slightly different.

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