Customer Develops Crafty Way to Hang Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets

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bentnailspicOur customers tend to be savvy, innovative, artistic and crafty people — who like to solve problems. Here is one customer who came up with a really interesting and money-saving way of hanging his Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets. He came up with this solution because he needed a temporary way to hang the blankets and without leaving any marks on the wall.

He was very happy with his results and shared his tip with us. Read more to find out just how he was able to do this!

“I saw some discussion about how to suspend your soundproofing blankets and thought I’d add my experience. I use three large blankets over windows to reduce exterior noise in a remote location.  As I’m not allowed to leave marks on the walls or woodwork, I came up with a temporary, non-invasive way to suspend the blankets.  I bent 4-inch nails into hooks resembling the shape of the letter “C,” with the pointed end of the nail pointing downward.



“I knew that the room I’d be using had woodwork at the top of the windows, so I hooked the pointed side of the nail on top of the woodwork and hooked the head of the nail through the grommet in the blanket.  This does create a dimple in the top of the woodwork, but it’s completely out of sight.  Even though the large blankets weigh ~11 pounds, the woodwork easily holds one blanket.  If you look closely at the photo below, you’ll see that I was able to double up the width of the blanket on the left side to match the width of this window.


“To keep the blankets tight to the woodwork on the sides, I used masking tape.”


We encourage our customers to send us tips, like this one, so we can share it with others in the industry. We also provide different ways to hang the Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets — including a tracking system. Take a look under the Accessories Section.

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