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No Space for A Vocal Booth? No Problem

According to a survey conducted in November by VoiceOverExtra, Voice actors would like to own their own vocal booth. In fact, according to this survey, next to a microphone, a vocal booth or an enclosed booth is the next top gear on voice talent’s wish list. So what’s stopping voice

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3 x 3 Vocal Booth Noise Reduction Testing

Portable Sound Booth noise reduction test results. Presented preliminary results for noise reduction efficiency of Vocal Booth To Go with Sound blankets walls and with Sound blankets PLUS Sound Block walls. Vocal Booth with walls made with Sound blankets alone provides approximately 13DB noise reduction. The same Mobile Vocal Booth

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Q) Did you test the Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets?

A) Yes, we tested our sound blankets from a professional acoustical laboratory, Below are the NRC test results — the certificate– from the Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories. Here is also a comparison with acoustic foam. If you would like to learn more about NRC rating or soundproofing, check-out the articles section

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VOICE2012 Gives High Remarks on VocalBoothToGo Portable Vocal Booths

If you are a voice actor, you are probably familiar with VOICE2012. This International Creative Experience Conference, organized by the VoiceActing Academy, is one of the premier events to showcase talented voice actors from all over the world. VocalBoothToGo.com unveiled many of its portable vocal booths during this conference, held

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How To Wash Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets

Producer’s Choice sound blankets can be washed, unlike acoustic foam. If you spill coffee or other beverages on the blankets or they just get dusty, you can renew them by washing them. Washing the blankets can also help to remove the “new blanket” smell.      

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