Producer’s Choice sound blankets can be washed, unlike acoustic foam. If you spill coffee or other beverages on the blankets or they just get dusty, you can renew thvb-72-s-stack-1000em by washing them.

Washing the blankets can also help to remove the “new blanket” smell.




Directions on washing instructions:

  • Wash the sound blankets at a commercial laundromat.
  • Blankets tend to get heavy when wet.
  • Note that this product has “Inside filler,” which is a recycled cotton fabric.
  • Note that colors from that filler may run and because of this, do not wash together with other clothes!
  • After washing you might see fuzz balls on the fabric.  This does not reduce the quality of the blanket or cause any problems.
  • You can fluff these blankets in the dryer too –making them nice and thick and more sound absorbent.
  • In general, for upkeep, you can vacuum it from the dust and wash them occasionally or lint roll.

If you have questions, you can refer to the directions from this You Tube video:

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