Q) My Producer’s Choice sound blankets are dusty. Can I wash them?

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A) Yes, you can wash them! Unlike acoustic foam, Producer’s Choice sound blankets can be washed!

Here’s how to wash our sound blankets:

  • Wash the sound blankets at a laundromat. Note that blankets tend to get heavy when wet.
  • Note that this product has “Inside filler,” which is a recycled cotton fabric that is multicolored.
  • Note that colors from that filler may run and because of this, do not wash together with other clothes!
  • After washing you might see fuzz balls on the fabric.  This does not reduce the quality of the blanket or cause any problems.
  • You can fluff these blankets in the dryer too –  making them nice and thick.
  • For upkeep, you can vacuum it from the dust and wash them occasionally.

If you have questions, you can refer to the directions from this You Tube video: http://youtu.be/HTaGB

Another video about washing can be found on http://youtu.be/3cC9bvLFvy4


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