Q) Which type of booth do I need? A Vocal Booth or a Sound Booth?

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A) Not sure which kind of vocal booth or sound booth you need? We hope the following guide will help you to make the right choice. Follow each bullet to see what your situation is . . . . If you still need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

  • You are a voice over actor and need something to carry with you, so you can conduct recordings on a moments notice just about anywhere. You need the original Carry On Vocal Booth.
  • You want to work on your feet and gesticulate when you read. You need Carry-on-Vocal booth Pro with microphone stand mountable table and Mini-boom.
  • You do voice acting or audio recordings, and you already have a quiet place to record BUT need to produce dead-sounding recordings. You need a vocal booth (for acoustics).

  • You work alone and do not need a large booth. The VB 33 is a good option for you. It has 40 x 40 inches footprint with 80 inches vertical clearance. The booth can easily accommodate a person who is 6 feet tall.
  • You want a vocal booth that doesn’t require much space in your home, and a walk-in vocal booth is NOT an option. but if you do not have the space to set up a full-size stand alone booth or are not interested in taking the frames of a vocal booth apart and put it back together, the Hanging Vocal Booth should be your first choice. This frame-less version of the vocal booth can be hang off the ceiling when you need it and dropped and removed when you do not.
    • But, if you have absolutely no room and lack ANY space (even for the Hanging Vocal Booth), there is another solution for you! No problem. The Vocal Booth on Tracks will get you covered!  This booth is budget friendly and can be mounted on the ceiling. The makeshift walls can simply be pushed aside like a curtain when not in use. The Vocal Booth on Tracks require minor installation but will give you great results in a limited space.


  • If you have the space and want to be able to have a table and a chair inside the vocal booth, then you need the VB 63. The space inside this vocal booth is twice the size of the VB 33 and can easily accommodate a small-size desk, chair or even a small group of people.
  • You have a band or a drum set that you want to fit in the vocal booth, you need the largest vocal booth we offer — the VB 66. With almost 50 square feet floor space inside this booth, it is very spacious!
  • You need to contain the outside noise. If you have a noisy neighbor, maybe with a barking dog or mowing or construction work, you need a Sound Booth. Our sound booths provide approximately 30dB sound reduction — better than any other portable sound booths out there. These sound booths are mobile. All of our sound booths can be disassembled and transported in a regular-size car or shipped by most common carriers. (Keep in mind that some pieces may be too heavy for the U.S. Post Office, but UPS or FEDEX will handle it.)
  • You need to contain the sound leaking from the inside of the booth. If you are an opera singer and need to do 100 scales a day, or need to play an instrument or perhaps need to practice with your band, then you need a Sound Booth. Our sound booths provide approximately 30dB sound reduction, which should be enough to keep your neighbors from complaining.

What is important to remember is that in order to obtain a good recording, you do not necessarily have to soundproof your space, but you MUST cut out reflections, echo, reverberations, modes, flatter, standing waves and whatever else that is messing up your recordingS! Keep in mind that if you are able to find a quiet place in your home – a Vocal Booth for acoustics is really all you need!

However, if it is the sound leakage that you are primarily concerned with, then you need to be prepared to spend a little more for the Sound Booth with soundproofing walls — made with our proprietory soundblock material.

For more information about soundproofing and acoustic room treatment, visit the articles pages.

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