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Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booth

A Vocal Booth That Fits All Budget And All Spaces If you live in a small space but desire a full-size vocal booth, the Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booth can instantly take care of your acoustical treatment without much space or time! This 40 x 40 x 78 Hanging Acoustic Vocal

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Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets Make Apartment Tenants Happy

It’s too loud! We can’t even hear the TV! This is probably what residents at a Harrisburg PA Art Deco style apartment complex constantly said because the large air conditioning units in the complex made so much noise that they couldn’t hear their TV or stereo.’s Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets,

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Producer’s Choice Blankets Bring Peace at Art Deco Apartment Complex

The humming and the constant loud noise from air conditioning units installed in Art Deco style condos literally was driving residents crazy. Ruth Berdinis, the assistant property manager at a metropolitan city complex in Pennsylvania, noted that residents couldn’t even watch their television in peace.’s Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets

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VocalBoothToGo Becomes NAMM Member

To Showcase Improved Soundproof(er) Booth & Carry-On Vocal Booth During Summer NAMM is now a member of NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), the trade association of the international music products. We are preparing to attend this year’s popular Summer NAMM, held in Nashville, and will be

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Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets To The Rescue!

Green Technology, which educates the public and private companies about green technology efforts, hosted a trade show in April 2013. In preparing for the conference, the group confronted major issues with acoustic room treatment. The group hosted several workshops in a large open exhibit hall, competing with other Audio/Video presentations

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Acoustical Vocal Booths

A Walk-In Acoustic Vocal Booth For Excellent Audio Recording Acoustic Vocal Booths are acoustically optimized sound enclosures. These full-size, mobile vocal booths instantly cut reverberations, reflections and echo creating the most optimal acoustical treatment for all types of audio recording. Plus, these vocal booths are transportable and you can take

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Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro

  Solve your acoustical problems in seconds. Do you need a portable vocal booth while traveling? Have little or limited space for a recording studio? Then the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro can solve your acoustical needs at home or on-the-go. And yes, the CoVB Pro is ready to use in

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Voice Actors Win Vocal Booths exhibited many of its innovative Vocal Booths during VO2013 ATLANTA in late March, the largest event of its kind in the southern United States. As part of this voice-over conference, served as a Silver Sponsor and donated two of its popular vocal booths in a contest and event

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Q: Do you offer free shipping?

A) Free shipping, most of the time, is usually some type of trick to entice the buyer into making a purchase or to buy something that normally would not sell.  Most companies will actually add-on the shipping charges into the total price, so essentially, you are paying for the shipping.

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