Green Technology Successfully Uses Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets for Acoustic Room Treatment During Trade Conference

Green Technology is an organization that works with the private sector in developing and distributing green technologies and standards for states. The organization successfully used Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets during a Trade Show.


Green Technology hosts several types of summits annually to educate others about green technology. They recently hosted a summit in April 2013, the Green California Summit, which was open to anyone engaged in efforts to ensure a green future for the Golden State.


As part of this large summit, Green Technology had to host breakout sessions with ongoing speakers in the same large open exhibit hall, with speakers and Audio/Video presentations occurring at the same time. But with nothing blocking the noise/unwanted sound, the acoustics were awful making speech — voices — unintelligible. Some attendees wanted a refund and/or decided to leave the event. The event almost turned into a disaster.


Their problem called for sound abatement and sound absorption, where sound would not bounce around the conference hall.

EXECUTION provided Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets for use during the conference. The meeting hall was divided into separate sections with sound Blankets serving as a sound barrier and absorption sheets. Once the blankets were installed, attendees and organizers enjoyed the immediate results.


The acoustics of the large room immediately improved by the use of Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets. All sessions resumed since the Acoustic Blankets cancelled the reverberations and absorbed the noise. The division of the large single hall into sections created a barrier for the unwanted sound. Speeches and Audio presentations became clear.


As soon as we installed the blankets, there was an immediate difference, the Director of Operations for the event told Attendees were able to continue with the workshops since the blankets cancelled the echo and reverberations in the makeshift rooms — making the speeches audible. We will use the acoustic blankets for future trade shows.


Green Technology, Director of Operations, LA, CA.


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