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A Walk-In Acoustic Vocal Booth For Excellent Audio Recording Acoustic Vocal Booths are acoustically optimized sound enclosures. These full-size, mobile vocal booths instantly cut reverberations, reflections and echo creating the most optimal acoustical treatment for all types of audio recording. Plus, these vocal booths are transportable and you can take it with you on-the-road.

Vocal Booths For Acoustic Treatment Not For Soundproofing Acoustic Vocal Booths are designed with acoustic room treatment features and not meant for soundproofing. These booths, however, absorb 80% of the noise creating the perfect environment for voice overs or other types of audio recording. This reduction maybe just take the edge off and enough to keep your neighbors at peace but is not soundproof. For sound booths made specifically for soundproofing here.


Top Reasons To Choose Acoustic Vocal Booths

  • Truly Mobile — You Can Take It With You. Although this is a full-size vocal booth, it is quick and easy to set-up and take down. If you have limited space, these booths can be easily removed and put away. Store it or take it with you on the road to your client’s site, trade shows, on trips — just about anywhere. See booths on-the-go at trade shows.
  • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble – No Tools. No hammering or screwing because there are no tools required for Acoustic Vocal Booths! These booths just snap together. There are no confusing parts or headaches. vbin bag_smaller size
  • High Quality Material – Producer’s Choice. Acoustic Vocal Booths from are made with proven industry leading Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blanket material and lightweight frames. Producer’s Choice blankets absorb 80% of the noise. See a video about Producer’s Choice.
  • Versatile – Different Sizes and Prices. If you compare booths to other walk-in booths on the market, you will see the difference. We feature booths for one person (3 x 3 VB33) and for an entire band (6 X 3 VB63) or the (6 x 6 VB66) but no matter the size, the sound quality and mobility is at the heart of our Acoustic Vocal Booths plus the prices of our booths fit all budgets.        See options for booth sizes here. Acoustic Vocal Booths Are Mobile

All of our vocal booths can be assembled and disassembled easily — and in minutes. These booths can be shipped to you by a regular postal carrier. All of our booths can be transported in the trunk of a standard car.

However, if you are seeking an even more portable and lighter-weight option for a recording studio then the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro and the Carry-On Tracking Booth may be great options. See more about smaller portable booths here.



But don’t just take our word for it . . . .


Acoustic Vocal Booth on Tracks — An “A” and Delivers Exactly What It Says!

The Vocal Booth on Tracks in an Option for Space Challenged Voice Talents . . . and Yahoo! I now have my own recording room

randye kaye

and, even better, I can whisk it away whenever I need to.

See her full review of the Vocal Booth on Tracks online.

Randye Kaye, Voice Actress,

occupational medical tetimonial


Your Acoustic Vocal Booth . . a Godsend For Industrial Use

I have researched this area and there is nothing else on the market like this, other than very cumbersome booths weighing half a ton. For industrial uses, this mobile booth would be a godsend . . .

more cost effective. In these circumstances it would be valuable to all industrial organizations across the globe.

Dr Martin S, Medical Director, Occupational Medicals

Vocal Booth 6 X 6 A Success . . . 2 More Please!

Thanks for sending the [Vocal Booth VB66]. It’s been tested and we’d like to order two more with the same specs.
Many thanks!

Joane, Superviseur, Publications Audio, Montreal

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If you are looking for an acoustical vocal booth to carry along with you – check out the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro or the Carry-On Tracking Booth! Both can be used on your lap and the Pro is mic mountable.


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