Acoustic and Soundproofing Products Overview

Ceiling Baffle- Straight-2-1550

Sound Absorbing Ceiling Baffles

Vocal Booth To Go is happy to offer a new product to help get your home studio acoustics under control. Most acoustical solutions are either mounted on a wall like acoustic foam or sound absorbing panels, or standing on the floor, like free-standing sound absorption gobo.  These surfaces are lending

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Acoustic Blankets Mounting Tracks

Hang Acoustic Blankets with These Mounting Tracks to Create the Perfect Environment to Obtain Clear Recordings If you lack the floor space in your studio or room in your home for a standing vocal booth, these Acoustic Blankets Mounting Tracks may be your answer. These mounting tracks  — either for

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Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booth

A Vocal Booth That Fits All Budget And All Spaces If you live in a small space but desire a full-size vocal booth, the Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booth can instantly take care of your acoustical treatment without much space or time! This 40 x 40 x 78 Hanging Acoustic Vocal

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Acoustical Vocal Booths

A Walk-In Acoustic Vocal Booth For Excellent Audio Recording Acoustic Vocal Booths are acoustically optimized sound enclosures. These full-size, mobile vocal booths instantly cut reverberations, reflections and echo creating the most optimal acoustical treatment for all types of audio recording. Plus, these vocal booths are transportable and you can take

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Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro

  Solve your acoustical problems in seconds. Do you need a portable vocal booth while traveling? Have little or limited space for a recording studio? Then the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro can solve your acoustical needs at home or on-the-go. And yes, the CoVB Pro is ready to use in

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Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets

  The Preferred Choice Among Audio Recording Professionals Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets are becoming the preferred brand of sound blankets for voice actors, musicians and others in the audio recording industry throughout the world! Developed Specifically for the Audio and Film Industry Producer’€™s Choice sound blankets are not moving

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