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A Vocal Booth That Fits All Budget And All Spaces

If you live in a small space but desire a full-size vocal booth, the Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booth can instantly take care of your acoustical treatment without much space or time! This 40 x 40 x 78 Hanging Acoustic Vocal Booth is a full size, walk-in vocal booth that hooks to the ceiling! This vocal booth cancels out reverberations for clearer recordings.

hangingacousticvocalbooth-puley-assemblyThis mobile vocal booth is the problem solver for those who don’t have the budget to build a recording studio or have the space for a permanently standing booth. This 40 lb enclosed booth is easy to handle and instantly creates acoustically dead space for great audio recording. It also is easy to pack and store.

Create Clearer Recordings With The Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booth Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booths are designed with acoustic room treatment features and not meant for soundproofing. These booths, however, absorb 80% of the noise creating the perfect environment for voice overs or other types of audio recording. This reduction may be enough to keep your neighbors at peace but is not soundproof. For sound booths made specifically for soundproofing, click here.


Top Reasons To Choose The Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booth

  • Create Clear Audio Recordings In These Booths. The Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booth instantly thangingacousticvocalbooth-hanging_picakes care of your acoustical treatment. It successfully cancels reverberations for a clearer audio recording — eliminating echoes and “boxy” sounds. For more information about acoustic treatment, click here.
  • Saves Space. If you don’t have the room for a standing vocal booth, then this is the booth for you since you can utilize it when you need it. Plus, you can hang it anywhere from any support system – in the garage, in your kitchen, in your bathroom . . . or even in the park (from a tree!).
  • East to Use and No Parts Involved. This vocal booth utilizes a pulley system to allow you to quickly access the interior of the booth — no fumbling with parts or screws! To see a video on the use of this booth, click here.
  • Truly Mobile — You Can Take It With You. Although this is a full-size vocal booth, it is quick and easy to set-up and take down. Store it or take it with you on the road. As long as you have a support system, you can hang this vocal booth anywhere. To see instructions and parts, click here.
  • High Quality Material – Producer’s Choice. The Hanging Acoustic Vocal Booths from are made with proven industry leading Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blanket material and lightweight frames. Producer’s Choice blankets absorb 80% of the noise. See a video about Producer’s Choice Blankets here.
  • hangingacousticvocalbooth-parts-1000Fits Any Budget. The Hanging Acoustic Vocal Booth fits all budgets but no matter the size, the sound quality and mobility is at the heart of’s vocal booths. See options for other acoustical vocal booth sizes here.




But don’t just take our word for it . . . .


The Hanging Vocal Booth Made My Day!

img_3425This is really going to help me progress in this great business. I live on the gulf coast, and there isn’t access to many studios so I was trying to make my own in my home.The Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booth will instantly improve on the quality of my recordings. Once again, great product and I will be telling all my voice over artist and musician friends all about it.

Michael Hall, Voice Actor


This booth works great!


The Hanging Acoustical Vocal Booth is working very well — Thank you!

Malcolm Ché, Voltaire. Made for TV. (Comedy Central Africa)

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