Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets Make Apartment Tenants Happy

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It’s too loud! We can’t even hear the TV!

This is probably what residents at a Harrisburg PA Art Deco style apartment complex constantly said because the large air conditioning units in the complex made so much noise that they couldn’t hear their TV or stereo.’s Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets, along with the tracking system, turned out to be the answer to their most annoying issue.

As an older building, the apartment was designed with AC units built into closets that sit right outside of the living rooms of the apartments. Each time the units kicked on, the residents had to adjust volumes or pause because of the obstructive noise seeping into their apartment space.

Because the historic significance in design, staff did not want to damage it by constructing something, However, the Producer’s Choice Sound blankets with the tracking system did the trick without any damage. The blankets buffered or absorbed the noise of the units without destroying any part of the building. The tracks allowed them to enclose the units entirely without leaving permanent marks to the walls plus, the tracks were easy to install.

€œWe are so please with this product (the sound blankets and track) and highly recommend it”, said Ruth, the assistant property manager. Not only did it help buffer the noise, but it was easy to install and hardly left a mark on the building €“ about the same as hanging a picture on the wall!

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