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The Preferred Choice Among Audio Recording Professionals

Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets are becoming the preferred brand of sound blankets for voice actors, musicians and others in the audio recording industry throughout the world!

Developed Specifically for the Audio and Film Industry

Producer’€™s Choice sound blankets are not moving blankets. These products evolved from regular moving blankets as a result of constant improvements to meet requirements from audio and film recrecycled-cotton-fillerording professionals. These industry professionals approached our designers seeking specific changes to the blankets to help them improve their work. The results were sound blankets that absorb 80% of noise (NRC 0.8) and exceeds any other competitors’ products in sound absorption quality and value. Click here to see comparison of Producer’s Choice to moving blankets.

Difference Between Product Names: Sound Blankets, Acoustic Blankets, Sound Panels . . . .

“Sound blankets” is a category of materials with names that are often used interchangeably. What is important, and an indicator of the overall performance of the sound blanket, is the NRC level or Noise Reduction Coefficient. Materials with Nvb-72-s-stack-1000RC below 0.5 are not considered to be acoustic quality. Click here for more information about NRC Levels.

Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets are Meant for Acoustic Room Treatment

Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets are designed for acoustic room treatment and not meant for soundproofing (nothing is 100% soundproof). For soundproofing, we provide other types of materials and products. Click here for more information on soundproofing.


Top Reasons to Choose Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets

  • Certified and Lab Tested: Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets are certified by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories to absorb 80% of the noise to cut down on reverberation and create an acousticriverbanklab_logoally dead environment for voice over and audio recording. See more about Riverbank and view our certificates here.
  • Versatile and Long Lasting: Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets can be used in different ways. With grommets or without grommets? Blackceiling-track-booth1 or white or both? Clips or wall tracks? Producer’s Choice Blankets come in different sizes, colors and also have many accessories that can be used to hang them on the wall or ceiling. You also can utilize these blankets for your own DIY studio projects or to create your own vocal booth. One thing is the same — all the blankets have the same high sound absorption qualities. See accessories and options for sound blankets here.
  • Used and Testified to Be The Best Brand: Voice Actors, Musicians and others in the recording industry attest to the success of these blankets. See testimonials here. Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets also have been used in many commercial projects from reducing noise from air conditioners in an apartment complex to absorbing noise in a large conference/expo room. Read about these projects here.
  • Washable, Durable, High Quality and Healthy: Unlike acoustic foam, Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets can be washed making them easy to take care of and germ-free. When washed, these blankets become even fluffier and softer to use.The stitch pattern — a straight 2 inch€ wide design — makes the blanket twice as thick. The thickness of the blankets improves sound absorption and noise reduction quality of the blankets. See information about care here.
  • Created from Absorptive Materials: Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets are created from sound absorptive recycled cotton fibers with the outer material made from cotton-mix fabric. These are very nice soft, thick blankets designed for soundproofing with enhanced acoustic qualities.


But don’t just take our word for it . . . .


weston I was amazed!

“The blankets made a huge difference, I was amazed as the room was awful before due to tile floor, mirrored closet doors and glass pane double doors but afterwards you’d never know with how amazing the isolation was. I bought six and hung them from ceiling hooks and created a 7’x 4′ area and laid one on the floor as well. Behind the mic I have a tall foldout divider in a V shape with one of the blankets draped over as well. Prob didn’t need 6 blankets but cheaper in bulk. I had a similar setup with basic Uhaul moving blankets before and this is a huge improvement, no brainer. These are the ones I got since they have holes to hang though. Black Sound Blankets Producer Choice Oversized w/Gr VB-73G.

Weston Boucher
Songwriter and Musician


soldierassist Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets Work Superbly

“I just wanted to tell you that the Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets work superbly . . . what a great enhancement to our podcasting studio! Thank you for working with Operation Soldier Assist. You are helping our efforts to encourage our troops as well as saving us money that we can use for troop support packages and shipping cost. We really appreciate the support of VocalBoothToGo!”

Blaine Ducote
Founder: Operation Soldier Assist,


greentechlogo Immediate Difference After Using Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets

As soon as we installed the blankets, there was an immediate difference. Attendees were able to continue with the workshops since the blankets cancelled the echo and reverberations in the makeshift rooms — making the speeches audible.

Green Technology, Director of Operations, LA, CA.


Read more testimonials on products . . . .


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