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Q) How to reduce noise in outdoor kennel environment

We’ve recently received following question about noise reduction in dog kennels: Q) I’m a professional dog trainer, looking for a solution to reduce noise in outdoor kennel environment. Please see picture: A) Please see our dedicated article about sound reduction in dog kennels. Looking at your picture I can immediately

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vocal booth layaway plan

What is Layaway Purchase Option?

What Is Layaway? Layaway is a purchasing method in which a consumer places a deposit on an item to “lay it away” for later pick-up after they paid off the balance. Layaway option lets customers make smaller payments on the product until the purchase is paid in full. A layaway plan ensures the

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Bhav Parmar – Voice Over Artist

The Vocal Booth To Go AVB-33 has been a real treat to my work as a VO Artist. Lots of space for all my equipment, a solid construction that fits nicely into any working room and of course ample space to perform!

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Dean Wendt – The Voice of Barney the Purple Dinosaur

Dean Wendt, American Voice Actor: If there’s one thing Dean Wendt knows—really knows—it’s sound. You may know Dean Wendt as the voice of Barney, the iconic purple dinosaur from Barney & Friends. Dean Wendt is probably best known as the voice of Barney The Dinosaur on the hit children’s show

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Question about Producers Choice blankets

The blankets come in different weights because they come in different sizes. The material is the same this is why the NRC ( noise reduction) is the same. The NRC is tested for a material sample. The size of the sample for testing must be standard, so any lab test

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Product Inquiry

I think your best option is to use blankets with ceiling track kit. Even better if you double wall the blankets with an air gap between layers.(use 2 circles of ceiling tracks, about 4-6 inches apart). Hanging blanlets on thd track kit will allow you to slide the blankets out

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Dallas TX - Discussing VOMO and new gadgets with Dean Wendt

Q) Do you rent vocal booths?

A) Yes, we offer a rental program for our acoustic vocal booths and later for the sound booths. Please contact us to discuss your project.

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