I was just wondering what “VB-70G” means. Because i see that there are 71G all the way up to 70G. Is there a difference?

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All Producers choice sound blankets have the same acoustic quality with NRC 0.8 (80% noise reduction).
But they differ in size, color and grommets.
All even numbers (like VB70) have one side white, the other side black,
All odd numbers ( like VB71) have both sides black.
Letter “G” stands for “Grommets”. That means that if the blanket model has a letter “G” after the number, it has grommets pre-installed for easy hanging.
If there is no letter “G” that means the blanket is plain. No grommets.
The larger the number of the blanket the larger the blanket.
So 70 and 71 are 72 inch long.
72 and 73 are 96 inch long
76 and 77 are 120 inch long.
All blankets have the same width – 80 inches. This is the widest the loom can make.
The quilting is parallel. It is always runs starting from 80 inch side and gies along the length of the blanket.

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