If you need to do acoustic room treatment with sound absorbing panels or acoustic blankets and have a drop ceiling in your room, this video will be very helpful. It suggest a neat way to hang acoustic blankets from a drop ceiling without any drilling or installing any additional screws. Out of Producer’s Choice Blankets, we created a space 6 feet x 6 feet with blankets covering the entire wall from floor to ceiling. Total cost ( not including the blankets) was under $10.

As acoustic panels, we used oversized sound blankets Producer’s Choice ( acoustic-sound-blankets-sound-absorption-panels-producers-choice).

If you noticed we did not hang the blankets flush with the wall. This is very important for better sound absorption and noise reduction. That extra air space makes a lot of difference.

To see how effective these blankets are, watch our video showing how well these blankets performed when treating a drum room.

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