The Truth in Soundproofing: Research Before Investing in Your Materials

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reallyWe recently received a call from a customer who wanted to soundproof her RV. This was the first time we’ve ever heard of a project like this but it made sense after she told us that she needed the RV to serve as a mobile hearing test lab. During the conversation, she mentioned she planned on using a soundproofing product called MuteX™ and had we ever heard of it? Never. However, we are in the soundproofing business and immediately did our research.

And, what we found . . . .

Mute-X’s site claims that their material is lighter, thinner and better than Mass Loaded Vinyl, which uses in its soundproofing products and also professionally lab tested. The product seemed just too good to be true even ‘eliminating sound transmission through walls’, which concrete walls cannot even do. Really? Perhaps a new space-age product?


Our excitement turned pretty sour once we delved into this product further and conducted some common sense research online, including a You Tube video made by a very upset customer

The company had a retraction on the video that said basically the customer did not follow their instructions to achieve results.

Dear YouTube viewers:

The MuteX product was not installed according to our recommendations provided to the customer. We recommended that Mr. Bruce apply two layers of MuteX, a standard wood frame and a layer of 5/8″ drywall to the wall in order to obtain the desired soundproofing quality.

Mr. Bruce was instructed to apply the first layer of MuteX over the existing wall, then install a wood frame of 2×4 or 2×2 construction, installed to local building code, over the wall and first layer of MuteX. Then we recommended installation of a second layer of MuteX over the wood frame, with a layer of 5/8″ drywall (finished) over the MuteX. We recommended sealing all gaps and seams, and also let Mr. Bruce know that, despite these efforts, in places where plumbing, electrical conduit/boxes and ductwork runs between shared spaces, sound can come through ceilings, floors, windows.

Two layers of Gypsum Drywall, without any insulation, has STC of 38 – 40 already. Therefore it seems that the reason they do not display actual test results on their site is that they actually did not test the material on its own, only with the drywall.

Sadly, it also seems that once you order – and hopefully not the RV customer – and installs the MuteX, you are not able to return the product because you need a double layer of MuteX… and a double layer of drywall, according to the company.


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