People often ask: how effective sound blankets Producer’s Choice are for soundproofing and reducing noise coming through doorways? Acoustic blankets Producers Choice are for sound absorption and acoustic room treatment. Sound absorption is important for reducing noise in your room, home office or home recording studio, but it is not the same thing as “soundblocking” or sound barrier. 

This test of blankets for soundproofing was made after we converted a closet into a vocal booth. Please see our complete tutorial here: 

How to build voice over Vocal Booth in a closet (part 1)
How to convert Small Closet to Voice Over Vocal Booth (part 2)

And now, let’s test our DIY Vocal Booth in closet:

How soundproof are acoustic blankets Producer’s Choice from VocalBoothToGo? DIY Recording Studio Test

This video shows that by simply lining up the walls in your studio with acoustic blankets Producer’s choice you can reduce the sound pressure by about 7 dB even with the door open. Adding a single layer of sound blanket adds another 8 dB to noise reduction. And using two sound blanket layers over the door together with lining up the door reduces sound pressure ( noise dampening) by about 19 dB!

But the mechanism of this is different than using soundproof barriers, like drywall, or cement wall. Acoustic blankets do not block the sound – they absorb the sound as it passes through it. Acoustic panels unlike sound isolation enclosures with solid walls act by blocking reflections and reducing sound energy, this is why a room acoustically treated with acoustic panels or sound blankets has no reverb and is much quieter than untreated room. Acoustic blankets producer’s choice:

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The VOMO – Portable Vocal Booth

For a walk in acoustic vocal booth: Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booths

Acoustic blankets producer’s choice

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