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SPB33-2019 Soundproof-er Vocal Booth Setup

SoundProofer Vocal Booth (SPB33-2019): assembly instructions and howto

How to assemble soundproof-er sound isolation booth SPB33-2019. Assembly instructions. Frame assembly and sound proofer panels assembly. You can find SOLO Sound Booth with Soundproofing and Door here. SPB33 comes in single wall and enhanced double wall versions. Both versions assembled the same way. Enhanced sound isolation panels for SPB

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How to setup Portable Vocal Booth for Video Narration

How to set up Portable Vocal Booth for Video Narration

This YouTube video was shared with us by a videographer, who is successfully using the VOMO – Voice Over Mobile recording studio in his audio narration of movies and videos: We were actually thinking how to make it possible that a voice over actor can see the movies screen and

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