Here is the new sound absorption sleeve for our isolation booth fans!

It is comprised of a sound blocking cover for the fan itself, followed by a sound absorption sleeve, and is completed by a flexible duct to direct air flow.

The resting noise floor of the room in which we initially tested the fan, was 36-40 dB. The fan itself emits 62-69 dB.

We then put the fan inside of the sound absorption sleeve. Just by putting the fan into the sleeve the noise from the fan dropped by 5 decibels.

At the outlet of the sleeve the the decibel emission dropped by 20 dB!

For the fan to work properly, the end with the fan should be sitting outside of the booth. The flexible end can be fed through the bottom corner of the booth.

The noise floor with the fan on was about 36-41 dB, and as we move closer to the fan, the emission from the fan rises to about 43-45 dB.

The sound absorption sleeve will ensure a ventilated booth, with no interference/bleed into your recordings.

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