How to set up Acoustic Vocal Booth 3 x 3 (AVB 33). Installation instructions.

In this video we will show you how assemble to the acoustic vocal booth 3 x 3.

The complete frame consists of:
17 square straight poles with ball locks
8 three way connectors
4 straight connectors
2 “Y” connectors

To assemble the frame, start by assembling the bottom and top frames.

The three way connector has one hole on the bottom legs and two holes on the top leg. The top leg should be facing up. Assembled the two sides of the bottom frame and push them in together.

Insert the straight poles in the bottom square of the frame. Use the straight connector to connect the two poles in every corner.

Place the remaining top square on top of the frame.

Insert the “y” bar in the middle of the top frame.

Once you have built the frame, hang the AVB cover.

Start with the AVB cover on the ground. Find the top of the cover, and pinch the front and back corners together. This will make it easier to get the cover over the top of the frame. When you have the two corners in your hands, slowly position the cover into place.

Make sure you are pulling the cover evenly taut as you are positioning it.

Once the cover is on, there will be several Velcro straps on the inside of the cover that you will need to secure to the frame.
The door panel has a double-sided zipper that can be adjusted inside, or outside of the booth.

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