In this video we wanted to demonstrate how quiet and powerful our new ventilation fan is. If you want to be able to work comfortably in your vocal booth ventilation is the key. For a long time we were working on finding just the right fan that would deliver large amount ion air without producing too much noise. And now it is here: the fan that you can’t hear!




This fan nicely compliments acoustical vocal booths AVB series. Just slide the spout under the covers to blow the air from outside – into your sound booth.

And also the mobile soundproofer sound booths SPB series.  In this case the spout also needs to be fit under the wall panels. The hard plastic portion of the Quiet ventilation panel designed to keep the opening while under the heavy panels and the soft portion made out of blankets is designed to further reduce the noise from the fan.

Here is the direct links to Fan Speed Controller helps to quiet down our Quiet Ventilation fan for mobile vocal booth

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