To achieve best results Soundproofing should be approached as a complex measure addressing all the weak points.

1 – all openings or channels need to be isolated and blocked with airtight seal;

2 – mass needs to be added to the “thin” barriers, such as windows, doors, interior walls, ceilings etc.

3 – sound absorption materials should be facing the sound source to reduce sound energy within the room itself. This not only reduces the noise escaping the room. But also makes the room itself sound better acoustically.

Potential areas where the sound can leak into the neighbor’s apartment: 1) Fireplace flue. Any tube-like channel, like a tunnel, tends to conduct and amplify the sound. 2) Windows. The windows are the least soundproof area and the sound will definitely leak through the window to the outside. 3) Ceiling. The basement ceiling is not connected to the neighbor’s floor and in my opinion it will not be as critical as the other two areas, but the sound will do through that floor and there is another fireplace that can possibly channel the sound to the neighbor.

Background: Sound, Acoustic treatment and Materials. It is important to remember that sound is a form of energy. This energy distributes from the source of sound by vibrating surrounding molecules of a medium, such as air. Sound energy spreads in all directions (it is multidirectional). In untreated buildings and rooms with exposed flat hard reflective surfaces sound reflects from these surfaces without losing energy.

Therefore the heavier the barrier, the more energy gets lost in transmission of sound from one side of the barrier to the other. This is called Sound Transmission Loss. In soundproofing a barrier it is important that there are no holes or cracks in the barrier. What can be done specifically for this property taking into account all requirements and conditions:

SOUND-BLOCKING OPTIONS: The principle of soundblocking approach is to cover all openings and potential areas where sound can leak with airtight barriers made out of heavy materials. WINDOW TREATMENT: As we discussed, the treatment has to be removal and not permanent. Therefore we suggest making a panels with sound-barrier backing ( Mass Loaded Vinyl or MLV) with acoustic felt layer facing inside the room. To provide rigidity to the structure the MLV and the felt panels can be attached to a sheet of plywood cut to size. These panels can be removed or installed as needed and will provide estimated 40dB of noise sound blocking. The neighboring house does not have windows into the basement, but it has windows facing the street on the first floor. And this is why treating the windows is important.

Acoustic blankets producer’s choice for this installation as a proven cost effective and efficient method of controlling reflections in a room. There are other acoustic panels available on the market, but they are generally more expensive, more difficult to install and less effective. Some sound absorption materials such as fiberglass and rockwool need to be wrapped up in fabric to assure that no rock or glass fibers are escaping the panels. Producer’s choice sound-absorption blankets have NRC rating of 0.8 ( 80% sound absorption) if used in single layer, or NRC 1.0 ( 100% sound absorption) if used in Double layer. The best use is when the blankets are installed about 3-4 inches away from the reflective wall surface.

VB71G – blankets ( size 80” x 80” , black on both sides ) will work well in your application.

Mass Loaded Vinyl.

We used the following products in his installation: Soundproofing acoustic panels with images.

You can order soundproofing panels with or without images or imprints.

PLEASE NOTE: Acoustic Felt Panels with soundblocking layer have STC 31 and NRC 95 (95% noise reductions).

Acoustic blankets Producer’s choice are sound-absorption meaning that the absorb the sound reflective off the walls and this creates a nice comfortable atmosphere in the office. The acoustic blanket cover designed to absorb echo and reverberation inside the room itself. Custom image is a nice feature! We can print any images of yours or you can select an image from our image library at


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