This is another idea from Vocal Booth To Go; how to make an acoustic panel without having to use any machinery, life threatening power tools or screwing around the cracks. These acoustic panels are made with a PVC frame and filled with safe-and-sound Roxul material (rockwool). They are very easy to make and very cheap. We also show how to select a good fabric that will be transparent enough for the sound, dense enough to keep the rockwool fibers contained and strong enough to support the weight of sound absorbing material. Assuming that you have all the supplies and watched this video once, you might be able to assemble the acoustic sound panel by yourself in about the same time it took you to watch the video – 10 minutes. The advantage of this acoustic panel is that it does not have a hard frame, so the sound gets absorbed even on the edges of the panel. The rounded corners work out as a diffuser, which makes these acoustic panels VERY efficient. Rockwool and glasswool fibers can be harmful if airborne, this is why we used this method of wrapping the PVC frame with fabric in a PIZZA Box style. This envelopes the rockwool from all sides and creates an inescapable enclosure for the glass fibers, making the construction safe and reliable. Placing your acoustic panel about 3 inches from the wall increases its sound absorption efficiency, because the sound gets absorbed as it moves through the panel towards the wall, and any sound that is reflected back from the wall gets absorbed again. The panel in the video is about 24 x 36 inches, you can make it larger or smaller depending on your needs. The thickness should be calculated based on the thickness of the material you have, we laid a double layer of the Rockwool, each layer is about 3 inches thick, so we stuffed approximately 3 inches of rockwool in this panel and it works just great. We skipped on gluing the PVC frame together, although it is a good idea to do so. We figured that gluing the fabric and overlapping the edges should be enough. . The picture on the panel we printed on a sublimation printer on acoustically transparent fabric. I took that picture in the Antelope Canyon in Arizona. If you have a picture that you like – we can print one for you. Then, you can simply attach it on your own panel. Stitch or use safety pins. so instead of boring monotonous panels you can have a cool recording room to rule!


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