This solution of how to make a roll up system for acoustic blankets is for Richard H. from the UK.
Richard asked if we could design a system where the blankets could be rolled-up like a blind. ” It’d be nice to be able to just roll down the wall coverings when needed to deaden the echoey walls”.
We agreed and here is our solution.

Few things to keep in mind:
1) the blankets are heavy and when you pull them up, or when they drop down, there will be pressure on the supports. Please make sure that the support brackets are reliably screwed in studs.
2) when you first start the blanket needs to be unrolled all the way down and the strap needs to be wound up around the bushing. Pay attention to the direction and the location of the strap on the bushing in relation to the blanket.
3) If the bushing is not glued to the exterior pipe, it can slid against the pipe.
4) distance from the wall to the blanket in this example is about 12 inches. this is enough for the blanket to go over the wall art, book shelves and even TV.

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