Structureborne noise problem is often being overlooked by musicians and audiorecording producers.
Meanwhile building structures can easily transmit low frequency noise into your apartment or studio from far away.
And sound of drum beat can be easily transmitted through building structure to your neighbor’s apartment.
This noise transmission can be easily dealt with by DECOUPLING , a method where noise source ( or recording microphone) is being separated from a structure by means of spring loaded supports or rubber mat, that cancel sound vibrations carried by building structure. On the other hand, prevent the sound of the drums to get into the structure and transmit the noise to neighboring apartments.

In this video we tested two products: Antivibration floor mats with soundproofing :…

And spring loaded floor supports.…

See more about Principles of sound proofing here:…

Clip about building a floated floor is from our new recording studio build project.

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