Jeff traveled to China to inspect the progress of the newly designed SPB33 Sound Proof(er) booth. The new design truly looks great and we hope everyone is excited as we are to present such a great product. This portable vocal booth is in line with our other vocal booth products, but has mass loaded vinyl panels installed to cut down on outside noises, or to make your own performances in the booth quiet for others around you.

This booth, the AVB33 is more for environments that are already quiet or in a treated space for soundproofing.

However the SPB booths are designed to keep out room noise and outside noise as well to keep your recordings free from interference. We are excited to present this sneak preview to everyone for their review.

SOLO Sound Booth with Soundproofing and Door. Single Wall. SPB33-1

SPB66 Sound Booth 6 x 6 with Soundproofing and Door

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