Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, (AVB6) (dimensions 79″W x 79″L x up to 88″ high with four height options)    is a portable walk-in audio recording studio that gives you an immediate acoustically treated room anywhere you set it up.

AVB6 ( )   is more spacious than all other AVB series Vocal Booth models and can comfortably accommodate anything you need for your recording studio in there. You can have few people if you need to, or just feel comfortable and unconfined on your own. Great for voice over actors who like to move around during recording or gesticulate. It will comfortably fit a complete drum set.

Mobile acoustic vocal both AVB series come in different sizes: ( )

Acoustic Vocal Booth is very easy to assemble. It consists of two major components: aluminum expandable frame and a set of Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets for sound absorption.
When you are in the booth you will not hear the room, the booth will give you 100% noise reduction (echo cancelation). Noise dampening is approximately 10 dB. Producer’s choice acoustic blanket material, tested at NRC 0.8, meaning 80% sound absorption. ( )

Please note that the booth is not “soundproof”.

In acoustics “Noise reduction” means increasing the speed of sound decay and therefore reducing sound energy INSIDE the room, which is in effect is a noise reduction.

Soundproofing” usually means – Transmission loss. Meaning the loss of sound energy while it goes through a barrier. In other words, blocking sound from one side of a barrier to be heard on the other side.

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