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VoiceMasters Conference w/ Jorge Infante & VOMO

Jorge Infante announces his attendance to the VoiceMasters Conference in Mexico representing Vocal Booth To Go along with all the other vendors. In this video, Jorge presents the newest version of the VOMO or Voice Over MObile booth, coming soon to the South American market. Jorge has been using his

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Simon Hill’s VOMO Travel Testimonial From Thailand

Voice actor Simon Hill contacted us about taking one of our carry on voice over mobile booths, the VOMO, on his travels through Asia and we would feature his travels on this site! Having the VOMO with him means he can continue his voice over career without sacrificing quality. The

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Sean Gray VOMO Testimonial From Indonesia

Voice actor and digital nomad Sean Gray bought a VOMO and headed to Indonesia to give voice over a go in a remote country. Turns out, he feels it sounds even better than his setup at home! Sean is currently in Indonesia, while still able to do professional voice overs

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Music Producer/Artist Alex Holmes recommends VOMO for singers

London based music producer and singer Alex Holmes who has worked with some of the top talent out today including Pitbull, Sean Paul and DJ the Prophet, reviews the VOMO for singers. www.alexholmesmusic.com The portability of the VOMO allows singers to bring their vocal booth with them, wherever they go.

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LIFE HACK – How to set up portable vocal booth on a desk – VOMO

This is how we do it! Every solution we create, was first someone else’s problem. So we decided to let you in on how our creative process works. VOMO earned great reputation as a portable vocal booth that delivers consistent results in any environment. https://vocalboothtogo.com/produc… Compare to the original Carry-

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VOMO vs Vocal Shield

Stephen Coghill, Head of Marketing and Audio Engineer for Vocal Booth To Go, puts the VOMO versus against different products on the market.

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