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VOMO – Voice Over Mobile Recording Booth


IsoVox VocalStudio Mobile Vocal Isolation Booth


Porta-Booth Pro Portable Vocal Recording Booth

kaotica on microphone

Kaotica Mobile Vocal Booth-Portable Sound Booth

Dimensions: (inches) Assembled 22″ H x 22″ W x 24″ Deep
( 32″ with the Hood)
19.3″ H x 19″ W x31″ Deep 20″ High x 21″ Wide x 16″ Deep 7″ diameter
Folded 5″ H x 24″ W x 24″ L 25.8 H x 13.8″W x 35.6″ L 20″ High x 21″ Wide x 16″ Deep ~ 7 x 7 x 7
(this is a ball of foam with built in pop-filter. Not designed to be folded.)


(16.35 lbs including SIH and accessories)
26 lbs. 7 lbs *0.31 lbs (5 ounces)

Special Features and Accessories

Largest internal space for recording. Can fit paper script, tablet or laptop Large internal recording space. Not large enough for laptop. Medium internal recording space. No space for script.  No Internal recording space at all. Eyeball only surrounds microphone.
 Sound Isolation Hood included for 360 degrees acoustic treatment.   360 degrees sound protection Does not provide 360-degree acoustic treatment 360 degrees sound absorption
Sound absorption material: Producers’ Choice acoustic blankets NRC 0.8 (80% sound absorption)  Sound absorption material: recycled materials
( No NRC rating)
Sound absorption material: Auralex acoustic foam 2 inches thick. NRC 0.7 (70% sound absorption). Sound absorption material: acoustic foam.
Long lasting and rechargeable LED light. Can be clipped on or as table top, with 3 modes for brightness LED flute light powered by AAA batteries Light not included  Not included ( not applicable)
 Table top microphone stand.
(Microphone Mounting Bracket can be used as stand)
 Not included Not included.
(Sold separately.  $39.95)
 Not included
 Scriptolder.  Not Included  Not Included  Not Included
 Mini-boom for optimal microphone positioning  Not Included  Not Included  Not Included

 Microphone compatibility

 Works with any type and size of microphones (front address and side address microphones)  Only works with limited size microphones (only vertically mounted side address microphones)  Works with most mics, but using long microphones can be a problem to position correctly.  Only works with limited selection of microphones. The Eyeball accommodates mics which are side address with long/short-bodies.

 Mic Stand Mounting options. (To work standing up).

 Can be mounted on a standard microphone stand or a tripod. Mounting hardware included.

 Cannot be mounted on a mic stand.
Comes with a special stand.

 Can be mounted on a boom arm mic stand.
Mounting gear is not included (Sold separately).

 Mounts directly on a microphone.

 Cleaning and maintenance

 Durable and long lasting. Washable.  Cannot be washed due to porous material.  Not washable. Will accumulate Dust. Cannot clean the spills. As a regular wear and tear Foam will lose its resilience. As a result, booth will sag and lose its shape.   Over time acoustic foam tends to dry out and disintegrate.  Due to the porosity of the foam, the Eyeball will eventually collect dust and debris. Cannot be washed.
Over time acoustic foam tends to dry out and disintegrate.
Travel case Self contained.
Additional removable carry-on travel case included.
Not Included.
(Sold separately – $399.00)
Self-contained case. Not included.

 Set up time

 under 30 seconds.  15-20 minutes  5 minutes  in seconds.

 Room to place a laptop or tablet?


 User Experience

 “No Boominess, No Boxiness”
(D. Wendt)
 ” Sounds too boomy”
 “Sounds muddy”
[Amazon review])
 “Muddy sound”
[posted on Gearslutz])


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