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Soundproof-er Sound Booth SPB63 Assembly Instructions

NOTE: we have SPB sound booth in different sizes and the assembly of all of them is pretty similar. It is very important that you start assembly with assembling the door frame side. If you get that under control – everything else will be easy. These booths are a great

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portable vocal booth review

Portable Vocal Booths Comparison Table

PORTABLE VOCAL BOOTHS COMPARISON TABLE VOMO ISOVOX PORTABOOTH KAOTICA IMAGE VOMO – Voice Over Mobile Recording Booth IsoVox VocalStudio Mobile Vocal Isolation Booth Porta-Booth Pro Portable Vocal Recording Booth Kaotica Mobile Vocal Booth-Portable Sound Booth Dimensions: (inches) Assembled 22″ H x 22″ W x 24″ Deep ( 32″ with the

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VoiceActing Studios

VoiceActing Studios is the production unit of VoiceActing, LLC and provides voiceover recording and full audio/video production services to its clients. VocalBoothToGo sound blankets provide the flexibility and quality needed to maintain the highest quality acoustic treatment in their booth. www.VoiceActingStudios.com –

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