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Acoustic Blankets review by PRO Voice Actor

PVC vocal booth with acoustic blankets for professional voice over

Professional voice over actor Michael Glover shares his experience building a vocal booth from a PVC pipes and using acoustic blankets. Michael had built the frame himself and then ordered custom made covers from producer’s choice acoustic blankets for sound absorption. This video was not sponsored or solicited in any

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Paul Stefano Tests Mobile Vocal Booth

Paul Stefano testing Soundproof Vocal Booth

Paul Stefano is a professional voice actor, coach and host of podcast VO meter. He has been using our products for several years now and saw different modifications and evolution of our portable vocal booths, mobile sound booths and sound isolation booth first hand. Now when we came up with

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Singer Recorded in VOMO for Pop Song

16 year old singer/songwriter Iris Gupta wrote this song ‘Off This High’ and sung her vocals in our portable acoustical vocal booth, VOMO. Produced and arranged by Stephen Coghill, piano by Michiel van Erp.  

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How To Mount Pre-2018 VOMO on New Travel Tripod

In this video, we show how to use a new VOMO travel tripod with an older style of VOMO, previous to 2019. VOMO is a popular carry-on portable vocal booth that you can take with you anywhere to record on the go. In the 2019 version, we redesigned the mounting

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Mario Filio uses VOMO at home

One of the top voice over actors in Mexico, Mario Filio uses our VOMO in his home, to record voice overs during the pandemic to get studio grade professional recordings to send to his clients. Home Never stop working/creating with the world famous VOMO! https://vocalboothtogo.com/produc… Mario also uses our travel

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VOMO vs Kaotica Eyeball

Dan Wilder, full time voice over promo talent that currently uses the VOMO to record, takes on the Kaotica Eyeball which is a popular product on the internet today. How will the VOMO square up with the Kaotica and what will be the outcome? Have a look and listen to

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portable vocal booth review

Portable Vocal Booths Comparison Table

PORTABLE VOCAL BOOTHS COMPARISON TABLE VOMO ISOVOX PORTABOOTH KAOTICA IMAGE VOMO – Voice Over Mobile Recording Booth IsoVox VocalStudio Mobile Vocal Isolation Booth Porta-Booth Pro Portable Vocal Recording Booth Kaotica Mobile Vocal Booth-Portable Sound Booth Dimensions: (inches) Assembled 22″ H x 22″ W x 24″ Deep ( 32″ with the

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Vocal Booth To Go Shotgun Condenser Microphone DEMO

At Voice Over Atlanta 2019, actors were grouped and tasked with creating spots for Hands On Atlanta. This group had our VBM-90S Short Shotgun MIC in hand and put it to use with one of our Producer’s Choice blankets for their improvised booth. Everyone in the group was surprised as

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