July 9, 2018

Portable Carry-on Vocal Booth for voice over

VOMO Instructions

Here is where you will find the setup and information about the amazing VOMO!   A detailed video is available here with chapters: ***Discontinued Model*** – Portable Voice Over MObile recording studio – VOMO complete instructions  

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HAVB Instructions

Hanging Acoustic Vocal Booth Assembly Instructions Materials (4) 3-way 90 Degree Corner Connectors  (4) straight poles (2) Black Straps with Loops (1) Pulley with String (1) Hook Screw (1) Producers Choice Acoustic Cover (1) No-hum Light  Assembly Form a square by attaching the corner connectors and the straight poles, leaving

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SPB-6×6 Instructions

Soundproof(er) Sound Booth 6’ x 6’ Assembly Instructions Frame Assembly    Booth Materials (4) 70G Producer’s Choice blankets with Velcro Ties (2) Left-angled soundblocking wall panels (2) Right-angled soundblocking wall panels (3) straight soundblocking wall panels, 1 door panel (2) soundblocking roof panels (2) long corner sealing strips with notch

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SPB-6×3 Instructions

Soundproof(er) Booth 6×3 Assembly Instructions Materials (25) Straight Poles (6) Straight Connectors (8) Three-way Corner Connectors (6) Medium Corner Sealing Strips (2) Four-way Connectors (2) T – Connectors (3) Acoustic Blankets with Grommets (1) Sound-blocking Door (5) Sound-blocking Wall Panels (6) Long Corner Sealing Strips (1) Ceiling Sound-blocking Panel (6)

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