Soundproof(er) Booth 6×3 Assembly Instructions


  • (25) Straight Poles
  • (6) Straight Connectors
  • (8) Three-way Corner Connectors
  • (6) Medium Corner Sealing Strips
  • (2) Four-way Connectors
  • (2) T – Connectors
  • (3) Acoustic Blankets with Grommets
  • (1) Sound-blocking Door
  • (5) Sound-blocking Wall Panels
  • (6) Long Corner Sealing Strips
  • (1) Ceiling Sound-blocking Panel
  • (6) Small Corner Sealing Strip
  • (1) Frame Bag
  • (3) Black Carry/Storage bags
  • (2) LED Lights Bars




  1. Make a rectangle on the floor from six straight pieces, four three-way corner connectors, and two three-way straight connectors. This forms the base of the booth.


  1.   Make another rectangle, this time using seven straight pieces, four three-way corner connectors, and two four-way connectors. 
  1. Connect the two rectangles using twelve straight pieces and six straight connectors. 



  1.   Use the Velcro ties to attach the acoustic blankets around the frame. 
  1.   Hook the sound blocking panels onto the frame outside of the blankets.
  1. Attach the ceiling sound-blocking panel. 


  1.   Attach the corner sealing strips to the exposed Velcro on the sound-blocking panels. The large sealing strips go outside the vertical strips, the medium sealing strips go on the horizontal spaces along the top, and the small sealing strips go between the medium strips along the top so they sit on the four corners and in the middle of the long sides.
  1. Attach the four sliding y-connectors and two straight pieces inside the booth. Attach the LED lights to these bars with Velcro tie-ups.


  1. Record and enjoy!
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