Hanging Acoustic Vocal Booth
Assembly Instructions


  • (4) 3-way 90 Degree Corner Connectors 
  • (4) straight poles
  • (2) Black Straps with Loops
  • (1) Pulley with String
  • (1) Hook Screw
  • (1) Producers Choice Acoustic Cover
  • (1) No-hum Light


  1. Form a square by attaching the corner connectors and the straight poles, leaving the free end of the connectors pointing up. 


  1. Use the loops on the end of the black straps to stretch them across the square, making an X.


  1. Lay the acoustic cover white side up and fit the frame into the square seam, free end of the connectors pointing up, so the straps cross directly over the center grommet.

  1.   Pull the end of the pulley string through the grommet from black side to white side and tie it around both straps at their intersection.


  1. Drill a hole (with a ¼” drill bit) about 4” into a beam and insert the screw hook. Hook pulley onto the screw.


  1. Use the string to pull the booth to chest height (string will lock into place when you stop pulling on it). Feed the string through the grommet again, and pull the booth the rest of the way up from the inside.


  1. Secure the booth’s corners with some weight if you wish to prevent it swinging around.
  2. Velcro the light to the inside.

  1. Enjoy recording!
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