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Vocal Booth on Tracks: An Option for Space-Challenged Voice Talents

By Randye Kaye, Voice Actress Yahoo! I now have my own recording room and, even better, I can whisk its walls aside whenever I need to. How? I replaced my wardrobe-screen-from-Goodwill-draped-with-quilts (only 5 feet high) with a floor-to-ceiling Vocal Booth on Tracks from vocalboothtogo.com. And it’s great exactly as promised.

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Acoustic Vocal Booth on Tracks (Installation Instructions)

***WALL MOUNT TRACK KITS AND CEILING MOUNT TRACK KITS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY*** How to install ceiling tracks for Acoustic Vocal Booth on Tracks. When you have no floor space available to set up a full size vocal booth, Vocal Booth on Tracks is a simple and inexpensive solution to immediately

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