Voice Talents Can Take Along A Vocal Booth While Traveling

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The voice over field is one career option that doesnt’ require you to stay in one place to conduct your voice over business. You can be a road warrior! In fact, most voice talent can easily take their audio recording gear, even a vocal booth, with them anywhere and continue to audition and work with clients — stress free. Traveling and working never got easier.

The key to successful audio recording while traveling is to make sure you take the right type of equipment with you. These things include a laptop, microphone and also a portable vocal booth – something that can be easily assembled and dissembled without needing tools. It is important to test these items before leaving your studio/home and also pack them carefully.


Some of the things you should consider when working on the road is to make sure you can obtain Internet access during intermediate stops or at the final destination. You may need to invest in an Air Card in case some areas do not offer WiFi or Internet access. Also, try to take your equipment as a carry-on luggage to avoid possible damage in the cargo area of the airplane. You do not want broken equipment or any possibility of it getting lost in transit.

To getcovb-ofolded-with-mic-inside the best sound absorption without the use of pillows or makeshift sound booths, (i.e. with pillows), consider purchasing a portable vocal booth you can easily set up and use anywhere. The Carry-On Vocal Booth can easily be set up in seconds anywhere (even at the airport) plus serve as a convenient carrying case to store your gear. The Carry-On Vocal Booth has 80% sound absorption.

With the right equipment, like a good portable vocal booth, voice over talent can virtually work anywhere. And, you know what this means . . . maybe not having to rush back from vacations so quickly.

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