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Nazia Chaudhry: Voice Actor, Coach and Singer

Nazia Chaudhry/My Voice & Performance Coach™ offers customized lessons and consulting services anywhere in the world via Skype, in-studio and on-location in the Atlanta area for all levels and styles related to voice, performance, speaking, acting, and voice over. We want to give you the confidence to sing, speak, or

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VoiceOver International Creative Experience

The VoiceOver International Creative Experience is the world’s original and only International convention for voice actors. Working voiceover professionals attending VOICE are able to record high-quality sessions via ISDN while working within a VocalBoothToGo remote studio. www.VOICEconvention.com –

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A Home Voice Over Studio in Just 20 Seconds?

Time is money. Benjamin Franklin said this to a young businessman back in 1748 — referring to him that time is valuable, and therefore, money is wasted when a person’s time is not used productively. Today, this saying still rings true. In the voice-over world, this means less time prepping

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