A Home Voice Over Studio in Just 20 Seconds?

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Time is money.

Benjamin Franklin said this to a young businessman back in 1748 — referring to him that time is valuable, and therefore, money is wasted when a person’s time is not used productively. Today, this saying still rings true. In the voice-over world, this means less time prepping for a voice over job or an audition . . . sometimes missing a great opportunity.

For many voice over actors, the ability to be remote has been a Godsend. One thing that can definitely help voice over actors save time and money is using a quality portable, mobile vocal booth in their home, apartment or hotel room. A portable sound booth can create a professional recording studio environment for all recordings, and simply be hidden away (under the bed, behind the sofa, in a closet) when not in use.

VocalBoothtoGo offers a carry-on version of a vocal booth for audio and recording on-the-go. Found on https://vocalboothtogo.com/, this mobile sound booth weighs just a few pounds. and can be put together in a snap. Also, for travel purposes, the Carry-On vocal booth folds into a convenient travel bag with a sturdy handle and a shoulder strap. Small enough to go on a plane as carry on luggage Carry-on Vocal booth opens into a portable sound booth large enough to accommodate the microphone and a copy to read, and even a laptop! It is called Carry-On, because you can carry it anywhere and set up everywhere! Plus, you can set this attractive looking mobile sound booth on your table or on a stand in under 20 seconds!

Wow! 20 seconds!

And, you know what Ben said — time is money!

The quality but simplicity of the Carry-On vocal booth will give you the extra time you need to get to your recordings — fast!

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