acoustic sound blankets

Marcus Thomas acoustic blanket drum studio

Pro-drummer Marcus Thomas chooses Producer’s Choice blankets when setting up his own studio at home, without having to build a recording studio. Here he shows how he does it. Marcus’s blankets of choice:… All Producer’s Choice acoustical sound absorbing blankets:… Creators of Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets, VOMO portable

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Sound ART Acoustic Room Treatment

With many audio editing platforms available today, recording can be done in the comfort of your own home, although it is not as easy as buying a microphone and pressing “Record”.  Room acoustics are paramount. Every professional recording studio is fine-tuned to get the best sound possible.  It requires expertise

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Carry-on Vocal booth 2013 in travel

Movie Mongol Warner Brothers Purchases Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets

Warner Brothers, the global leader of creation, productions, licensing and marketing of entertainment world-wide, recently purchased a set of VocalBoothToGo’s Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets These lab-test sound blankets started its roots in the television and movie production industry and provided sound blankets to the set of hit movies such as Marley

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vocalboothtogo vb-70gs-1000

2014 Sound Blankets are IN STOCK and Better Than Ever

Good news! We now have the 2014 model Sound Blankets IN STOCK…and they are the best ever! We’ve changed the filler to a higher-grade cotton. We’ve changed the length of the fibers so it is longer now. And, we’ve changed the grommets to black — looks better. The sound blankets

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