2014 Sound Blankets are IN STOCK and Better Than Ever

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Good news! We now have the 2014 model Sound Blankets IN STOCK…and they are the best ever!

vb-70gs-1000We’ve changed the filler to a higher-grade cotton. We’ve changed the length of the fibers so it is longer now. And, we’ve changed the grommets to black — looks better. The sound blankets are the best yet and perfect for your home studio project, acoustic room treatment, stage use, pod casting studio or for DYI vocal booth projects.


So..why are these changes noteworthy?

We changed the filler to improve sound absorption. Polyester and other fibers that are normally mixed in the recycled cotton filler are not such a good sound absorber. Removing those synthetic fibers from the filler should improve the sound absorption quality of our sound blanket. By changing the quality of the cotton filler, we also eliminated a musty, chemical smell that was a big issue in the past for some customers. Now, they smell clean.

Using high-quality cotton fibers presented some challenges though — a lot of the cotton filler would work its way out as a lint. We had increased the length of fibers to make it as dust-free as possible. If you fluff it up, there still be some lint that would come out, but that is just a little. Longer fibers also theoretically  improves sound absorption performance of blankets on the lower frequencies. It takes more energy to vibrate the longer fiber.

By using the cotton filler only, with no synthetic fibers, we met a challenge of keeping the weight of the blankets at 8 lbs per 72 x 80 blanket or 10-11 lbs per 80 x 96 inch blankets.The reason is that cotton is lighter than synthetic fibers ( plastic basically). So we had to make the filler thicker than the mixed fiber filler of the same weight. We stuff about 12 inches thick layer (1 x 1 square by 12 inch high column) of shredded cotton into each square inch of blanket!

And lastly, per request from our movie producing customers, we made the grommets black so they do not stand out from the black background of the sound blanket.

What else is new about the 2014 Sound Blankets? We used a better thread and overall quality of stitching and binding has been improved.

We are constantly improving our products but these sound blankets are the best we’ve had in years and thrilled to offer them online.

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