SoundProof(er) Sound Isolation Booth 3 x 3 Soundproof(er) Sound Booth SPB 33 SPB 33 ( stands for SoundProof(er) Booth 3 x 3) is a sound proofed sound isolation enclosure designed to block outside noise from coming in or keep the sound from getting out.

The sound booth is Efficient, Portable and very affordable. It is intended for Music practice, Singing Practice, Audio recording, Voice over recording, and so on.
With up to 45 dB sound blocking capacity, the Sound Isolation Booth SPB33 is highly efficient. The whole booth can be set up within half an hour practically anywhere. It can be transported in a passenger car, or can be shipped by a carrier. All parts of the booth come in their own carry-storage bags to make for convenient transportation and storage.
Assembled Dimensions: 40” W x 40” L x 80” H

Packed in bags: 42”L x 18”H, Weight Approximately 135 lbs per bag. Accessories included: Acoustic Sound Absorption Blankets, Silent LED 36” Light (500 Lumen), power adaptor, carry bags.

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