Producer’s Choice Sound Blanket Features

Producer’s Choice Blankets Features

This popular brand of sound blankets, called Producer’s Choice, has quickly become the top choice when looking for a sound blanket for your audio recording studio.

  • Quality and Durability. Producer’s Choice Blankets VB series have vertical 2 inch parallel stitching. This allows the cotton fibers inside the blanket to expand more (gets thicker) than Zig-Zag stitched moving blankets.
  • Designed for Sound Absorption. Moving blankets are designed for moving but our sound and acoustic blankets are made specifically for sound absorption. The picture below shows the moving blanket size 72 x 80 (left) versus the Producer’€™s Choice Blanket VB70 size 72 x 80 (right). See the difference when folded!



  • Heavier Weight. The heavier weight of these blankets is because the filler contains more cotton fibers, and therefore, absorbs sound better. The picture below shows the amount of filler in a moving blanket (86 lbs per dozen) versus the amount of filler in a Producer’s Choice Blanket (106 lbs per dozen).  Some moving blankets use heavier outer fabric; so even though the weight may be higher, the actual quantity of sound absorbing fiber is very low.


  • Color Combination Options. The combination of two colors, White and Black, gives you the option to use the blankets in different ways: face white out to lighten up the room and avoid that claustrophobic feeling or face the black out if you need to reduce light reflection and make the backdrop “invisible”.
  • Tested and Approved. Our Producer’s Choice brand of sound blankets has been successfully used in vocal booths and acoustic treatment of recording studios. NRC rating is 0.8 (type G-75 mounting). The blankets exceed the competition by weight per blanket, by thickness and by absorption quality. The only thing where competition exceeds . . . is the price! We believe that sound blankets should absorb sound, not your money.
  • The width specified is a cut size of the material. Once the blanket expands, the width gets a little smaller (because the blanket gets thicker).
  • Customize Producer’s Choice Blankets. These blankets are available in solid black on both sides or black and white. We also provide custom grommet placement, make custom size sound blankets and sound booth enclosures.


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