What’s Your Resolution?

2016 is here! Time for new plans and resolutions for what you want to accomplish this year. Here at, we want to help you be successful in 2016. To be successful, you need the right tools. The products we carry are designed for ease of use and practicality. Take

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Carry-on Vocal booth 2013 in travel

Movie Mongol Warner Brothers Purchases Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets

Warner Brothers, the global leader of creation, productions, licensing and marketing of entertainment world-wide, recently purchased a set of VocalBoothToGo’s Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets These lab-test sound blankets started its roots in the television and movie production industry and provided sound blankets to the set of hit movies such as Marley

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vocalboothtogo light--attachment-angle-300w

Need a quieter light…try this LED light

If you have a very sensitive microphone, you may want to invest in a new product we offer now. It is the a new LED light that works well with a highly sensitive mic. This unique design was inspired from customers who needed light without noise when working in sound

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vocalboothtogo worldmissionfilipino

Sound Blankets and the Tagalog Bible

Our Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets are used all across the globe on a daily basis. Recently, a customer in the Philippines sent us photos of his use of the sound blankets in the studio as they work in creating the Tagalog Bible into an audible format. Ervz Tia of the

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vocalboothtogo randyekayehosp

Carry-on Vocal Booth Used Successfully in Hospital

The Carry-on Vocal Booth proved its true portability and excellence in acoustic treatment on-the-go. Voice actress Randye Kaye unfortunately was recovering from an illness at a hospital but still wanted to continue to work. So…she brought along her Carry-on Vocal Booth to help her complete projects. She tweeted ”@VocalBoothToGo clients

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vocalboothtogo christmastreewithsoundblankets

Santa Choose Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets

One of our customers recently tweeted a picture of what she found underneath the Christmas tree — 3 of our Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets. ”YES!!! Santa brought me 3 of your AWESOME Sound Blankets for my studio!! Yeeeeeees!”  Val Kelly tweeted. Val had her eyes on sound blankets since the

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vocalboothtogo nazia

Singer/Voice Actor Records Demo on Carry-on Vocal Booth

Voiceover Talent, Actor, Singer, Coach, Nazia Chaudhry recently recorded scratch track music demo using her Neumann TLM 103 and the Carry-on Vocal Booth. Nazia, who is a Sennheiser Neumann Authorized Partner, is known for her voiceover versatility and garners a long list of brands including Intel, Crowne Plaza, Frito Lay, GEICO, Marriott,

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Voice Actor Wins Carry on Vocal Booth During Conference

Voice actor Mark Smith had no idea that he would be traveling from the Mid-Atlantic Voice Over Conference in November with the one thing he needed to boost his voice-over career — a portable vocal booth. Mark’s lucky raffle during the event was pulled by VocalBoothToGo’s Gwen Farrell, and he

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vocalboothtogo midatlanticpostcard

Mid-Atlantic Voice Actors to Meet in Virgina

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area and in voice acting, you should take advantage of this new vo conference that is bound to inspire you. VocalBoothToGo is a proud sponsor and will be there to share products with attendees. Hope to see you.

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dolphinefaffcon Sponsors FAFFCON 7 Voice Over Conference was a key supporting sponsor of FAFFCON 7, held Sept 18 to 21, in Phoenix AZ. FAFFCON, the voice over unconference, is a participant-driven professional development event for working voiceover industry professionals. This event is consistently credited with helping establish peer-to-peer connections between its participants in a very informal and

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